Friday, June 28, 2013

A Circle in a Square


What is this life that I observe in the third person?
Detached of my own conversations.
Automatic, expected answers & responses of this character that I am.
Her name is mediocrity.
I am in the corner of my own mind, staring in wonder.
Are these my words? 
Is this my way?
Myself not who I am.
I am mediocrity.
Thoughts removed from a detachable existence. 
I am looking for my smile, while I stare into the distance.
Thoughts afar.
I am a circle in a square.
A box of normalcy & safety
Where none will stare & see me roll.
Roll faster than I can control
At the mercy of gravity
At the pace of true imagination.
I am restless of this square.
I wrote that long ago. Long ago when I allowed people who knew little about me to define my parameters, In the name of whomever. In the name of, the boy who looked important with a pretty girl on his arm. In the name of, a girl who thought she was too imperfect to be accepted as-is. In the name of, a group of believers who were more comfortable with a young woman putting on the costume of maturity rather than the garment of true knowledge through genuine discovery, trial & error, success & failure, authentic learning. In the name of, appearances. In the name of, fear. Fear of failure & the judgement that follows in the circle of believers. I was afraid to fail & to let people see what I looked like making mistakes. The kind of mistakes a young woman learns from. The errors that chisel away at her childhood to reveal the masterpiece of her womanhood. I wanted to be free, fluid & full of motion, but I allowed the insecurities of man to halt any organic form of expression. This is my deepest regret in life. Never again will I be a circle in a square. If God made you to roll, then you had better trust the terrain and roll as far & as fast as the wind takes you! If I could go back in time & give myself a bit of advice, I would say, "your destination is probably beyond the imagination of any "square" so don't sell your journey short."

Written by Anjole Williams


  1. Wow, Anjole, that is amazing! You are amazing!
    Having amazing parents probably helped too. :)

  2. Mediocrity it is not! You write beautifully! But I know what you mean. I understand the reflections we see. How often do we really see ourselves? We only see our reflections in others. We are defined by others more often than by ourselves.